Image of a man walking in a maze

“I love you”- the most commonly used line in today’s world. However, do we remember what it means anymore?

Relationships- they could be either a hub of happiness or a fountainhead of tears and despite all the history we learn, despite what we see around us, we’ll never really know which one of the above two options fit in best with us unless we see it for ourselves.

Family, friends or your special beloved; Can we pick one person to stand by us unconditionally? Can we, i...

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Image of a tree in sunlight seen through a carved wooden heart

What is love? This tiny four-letter word has millions of versions when we try to define it. However, I always had just one interpretation of this most over hyped feeling- Love is God, as simple as that. It’s the purest kind of feeling that is the glue between two souls. Where there is love there is acceptance, beauty, happiness- that only grows with the passage of time. Change, they say, is the only constant. True love proves this logic absolutely valid for it certainly changes as days, weeks...

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Image of infinity symbol with the word hope

All of a sudden I found myself lost in this labyrinth called life. I felt as if the universe had conspired against me to tangle up the strings of my very being, abruptly disrupting the humming of it’s beautiful melody. It was a downward spiral from there on out. A force stronger than gravity- stronger than the strongest magnet, pulling me further into the dark abyss of hopelessness & despair.

Darkness. Sounds like a frightening place to be in, doesn’t it? With dangers lur...

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Image of a loving couple holding a happy puppy

"Fetch!" I beckoned, while Sparkles bounded after his brand new chew toy- Miss Duckie- that my brother had recently bought for him. His face beamed with joy. 

It was a breezy summer evening and we were revelling our sixth year with Sparkles- a male German Shepherd- over a picnic at his favourite dog park.

Seems like yesterday when my parents were super- over my dead body- against bringing a pet into our family. Mostly due to my mother's fear of dogs pert...

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Image of a phoenix rising from it’s own ashes

“In order to rise from its own ashes, a Phoenix first must burn.”- by Octavia Butler.

Failure has such a stigma attached to it. Sure it is success that we must aim for, but why is falling down while trying to learn how to fly considered such a taboo? “Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall”- Confucius; and yet we try, inevitably fall & look at it as the end of the road rather than an exciting bend. Hence imprisoning ourselves in our se...

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 Image of a girl sadly staring into the matrix

The human mind is the most sophisticated machine on earth. Supercomputers & many species enhancing inventions have come out of it. Our thinking capacity is superior to all other living beings on the planet & it’s a gift. At the peak of evolution, we possess the most complex neurological system & the highest level of cerebral capability. We have the power of a vivid sense of memory and a fantastic sense of imagination. But, unfortunately, we have mistaken this beautiful contrivance...

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