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Everyone goes through emotionally challenging times

We help you navigate these tough times, so you can share you stories, your thoughts and your feelings, without any hesitation. Our experts, are there for you, to listen, chat, talk or support you.

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What sets Nest apart to bring the best to you is the relatability factor where someone who's in the same profession; goes through the same emotional wellbeing challenges and the same work life journey can impact us more than anyone else, even in a single conversation.

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A safe space with mentors & experts who are on a mission to make emotional wellbeing accessible to all


Talk with those who have been in your shoes as they understand you better. For example, entrepreneurs can speak to experts & mentors who have been entrepreneurs themselves and know the emotional ride that comes with entrepreneurship


We understand and value your privacy, so feel free to book conversations without revealing your name or your face.

It was a wonderful feeling being able to share my experiences and ideas with people from diverse backgrounds from across the world. One is exposed to a range of perspectives which is both enriching and liberating.

Shuvendu Dey


Nest gave me a chance to share my lows and highs. I saw others share their stories and it was motivating to hear them, because everyone was going through some or the other issue in their life, and sharing it with others made us all feel lighter."


Medical (MBBS) Student

"The platform in my opinion is a safe space platform where people can come and share their experiences ,stories ,failures, highs and everything under the sun. I had an amazing first session ,where 23 of us discussed the "highs" in our lives. I was so amazed to see the connections and bonds we built just over a period of an hour. I reccomend everyone to try out one meeting for themselves."



What's accompanied
with 1-to-1 conversations?

When you book a conversation with an expert or mentor, you become a part of Nest with access to a community,
group conversation and leadership interactions which are not available outside Nest.


Exclusive access to a closed vetted community of professionals who are there to help and support each other in all times.

Group Conversations

An experience like nothing else, where facilitators create a safe space for members to build authentic conversations and connections

Leader Interactions

World leaders in wellbeing speak to our community sharing valuable insights which are practically implemented by members

Our Story

Nest has touched 500+ lives with 100+ hours of emotional wellbeing conversations

  • 2020
  • 2021

In the year 2020, with the onslaught of COVID-19, mental wellbeing was affected and it became a priority for people across the globe.

We launched our "Talk To Us" series around the same time, where virtual safe spaces were created for people to share and to be heard.

People from over 9+ countries, complete strangers who had never met or spoken to each other, started sharing things without feeling judged. It was a beautiful experience!

Expanding and building into a platform, we created mysafespace where people can share anything under the sun, on a 1-to-1 session with a professional, or in a group session with participants facilitated by an expert.

This is a step towards the vision of creating psychologically safe spaces where everyone feels accepted and respected for who they are and share without feeling judged.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nest about?

Nest is a mental well-being platform where you can have 1 to 1 conversations with an expert or a mentor at your comfort.

What is the difference between expert and mentor?

An expert is certified psychologist/therapist/coach and can guide with their scientific methods. While a mentor is a professional who has been through the journey you're on and can guide you with their personal experience.

Why do experts and mentors have free calls?

Nest is a give first platform where each mentor & expert wants to give back and help people. The whole community exists to help each other and the impact created as a result of it is priceless.

Will mentors or experts use the calls for pitching or selling me?

We personally vet each and every mentor or expert who's on the platform, and can assure that in any conversation, you would never be pitched or upsell. Everyone here genuinely wants to help.

How can I join to become a mentor or expert?

We have a strong vetting process, and thus the best way would be to reach out to us on