Dr. Lata Dhir

Author and Psychologist

I’m passionate about creating psychological safe spaces for nurturing mental wellbeing. Through my unique conceptualisation – ‘Vishwas’ (which means Trust), I have been able to nurture mental well-being for over 2000 management students. Read More

Mark Sirkin

CEO Sirkin Advisors

"I’m an expert on families, families in business, and work-life balance. As a business consultant, I have worked for several large consulting firms throughout my career including RHR International, Hay Group (now part of Korn Ferry), and Hildebrandt (now owned by Thomson Reuters). " Read More

Dr. Sumita Datta

Academician and Leadership Coach

With special interest in enriching the role of women in the workplace, I have curated women leadership development programs in large corporations as well as coached more than 100 women entrepreneurs and corporate leaders. Read More

Simrat Rana

Psychologist and Counsellor

I have over 35 years of teaching experience at graduate and post graduate level with a Masters and M Phil. in Psychology. I hold a diploma in Guidance & Counselling and have specialized in Child Development in the USA. Besides years of work in academics, I am an effective counsellor predominantly to young students. Read More

Sheela Hobden

Wellbeing Expert and Facilitator

"I am an expert Coach who successfully helps people give as much attention to themselves as to those they serve (business or personal!). People who work with me culminate with greater clarity, potential, purpose, and passion in their careers and at home." Read More

Pratima Havaldar

Psychologist and Counsellor

I’m a practicing psychologist and counselor working in the field of Applied Psychology since the past four decades. Not only do I choose to work on relationships within organizations but I am also keenly interested in relational ties within the family, be it couples or parent-child relationships. Read More

Dr. Tamara White

Physician and Transformational Coach

I provide a safe and reflective space for unearthing whatever needs to be, in order to allow yourself to be happy and grow & shine, on whichever path you may choose. My specialties are dealing with burnout, low self-confidence, work-life balance, career shifts, big life transitions – and all the emotions that come with them. Read More

Kavita Satwalekar

Leadership Coach, Wellbeing Expert

I am dedicated to helping my clients unlock their authentic voices and find success and harmony in everyday life. My signature techniques combined with my unique ability to ‘hear the truth’, help me enable my clients to show up as the best versions of themselves; the versions they always knew they were. I am passionate about helping my clients with self-lead... Read More

Dr. Amrita Sen Mukherjee

Wellbeing Expert, Professional Coach, Physician, Founder of Your Wellbeing Doctor

I am a wellbeing expert and a Portfolio GP with over a decade of experience working in the NHS. I am driven by a core value of service to support others and find fulfilment in seeing my clients accomplish their goals. I have cultivated a unique set of skills, experience, and credentials which help my clients to achieve their own unique optimum wellbeing thro... Read More